Barry was born on December 18th, 1952 in Austin , Texas . After 11 unproductive years of public school in Irving, Texas, he joined the Army and volunteered for duty in Viet Nam. Luckily for him, he was sent to Korea instead and was honorably discharged in 1974 . In 1975, he joined Dallas band the “Nervebreakers” and opened shows for the “Ramones”, the “Police”, the “Boom Town Rats”, the “Clash” and the “Sex Pistols”. After the Pistols show, Barry received international attention when his picture appeared in the March, 1978 issue of Rolling Stone . After 6 years with the “Nervebreakers”, Barry formed the “Barry Kooda Combo” and then “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”, opening for the “Circle Jerks” and others . In 1989, Barry saw one too many bad art shows and set up an anti-art show, "Stamp Out Art: Anyone Can Do It". Im making the fourteen tongue in cheek works, he started to like carving in slate and began to study and steal ideas from cave paintings. In 1991, Barry formed the “Cartwrights” with Alan Wooley and Donnie Ray Ford and in 1994, Barry joined with Al Jourgensen of “Ministry” to play at the Bridge School benefit with “Pearl Jam”, Neil Young and Tom Petty . In 1998,Barry  released a solo CD entitled "Crossin the Line" to rave reviews and is receiving nation wide airplay and actually hit the top spot on charts in Belgium. Collectors of Barry's art include Al Jourgensen, the Dallas Arboretum and the Science Place .
Barry makes his living as a rigger,  carpenter and stage hand for I.A.T.S.E. Local 127 in Dallas and has done working tours with Fleetwood Mac, The Dallas Symphony and others. Barry's always looking for the next oportunity so drop him a line if ya got work.

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Here's a picture of our house!
It's a 1941 Dilbeck in Oak Cliff . We moved in on February 13 , 1998
and have been sprucing it up ever since .

Barry Kooda and Eddie Veder

Paul Barger , Mike Scaccia , Barry Kooda , Neil Young , Al Jourgensen and Ritchie Vasquez.

Barry with some of the Bridge School kids and moms.
Meicore , center , has just admitted to her mother that she has a crush on Eddie...