"God's Country" by The Cartwrights


These are songs recorded for the Cartwrights second CD "Gods Country" in 1995 which was never released.
I used my songs as the basis for my solo CD but
Alan Wooley and Donny Ray Ford's songs have as yet never been released.

Nell's Place    DRF

Blue Lonesome And Sad    DRF

My Gray Is Torn    DRF

Salt For My Wounds    DRF

Sleepin' In The Doghouse    AW

The Writing On The Wall   AW

This One's For You    AW


Don't Believe A Thing She Says    BK

Little Red Corvette    BK (by Prince)

Ninety Percent    BK

Someone To Believe In    BK

Texas' Newest Millionaire    BK