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Lightning Over Dallas



Chris Adamson Group was kind enough to hire me as a carpenter for Fleetwood Mac's European and Australian tours. I didn't have the new Fuji for Europe but in Australia, I took over 700 photos. You can't take a bad photo in Australia. Every view is a postcard.

Barry On Stuff

I was always terrified of heights so became a high steel rigger in 1998 to overcome it. Since then, I started collecting photos of me climbing stuff.. Since Rod VanEgmond and I work together a lot, he takes most of the good shots.

Big Tex's Erection

Every year the State Fair of Texas erects Big Tex. It's an event well worth watching. This is how they do it

Barry's European Adventure

In September of 2000, the Dallas Symphony toured Europe. I went along as a hand and saw things I never thought I would. I fell in love with Lucerne and hope to see it again.

Lake Whitney 08-11-01

For some stupid reason, I always take Laura camping on her birthday. Not as romantic as I should be but we do enjoy getting away.


Lake Whitney 08-23-03

This was Ruff's last trip to Whitney. He'd been in a lot of pain and had trouble even getting up on his own but he loved to swim. We had him checked when we got home and he had Displasia and aggressive bone cancer so we had to let him go. He was euthanised on September 3rd.
We sure miss him.


The Cartwrights

Laura Miller threw a fundraiser to save swimming pools in several low income neighborhoods and asked the Cartwrights to reunite for the occasion. We had a great time, Laura and Robert Willonski got dunked and the pools were saved.


Punk Rock Dinosaurs



In August of 2004, Laura and I went to Medford Oregon to visit my Mom , my brother Rick ,his wife Lorrie and their daughter Toby. After my last big computer crash, I thought these photos were gone forever but , apparently I actually backed something up for once. These are photos of their house and surrounding area as well as some of Crater Lake. My little Fiji Finepix got some great shots.


Pacific Rim

I finished up the Christina Aguilera tour on August 4th of 07 and am just now getting through my photos.I got to see a lot of interesting places. Thanks, Christina.





Hong Kong



















Urban Exploration

Criminal trespass with a camera...


Santa Fe Storage



Thomas Building



Buckshot Factory



Dallas High School



Republic Tower



Old Carr Ranch



Baker Hotel



Old Parkland Hospital



Murmur Corporation


Fertilizer Plant


Motor Street Building


Parkdale Power Plant


Rock & Roll Warehouse

Alamo Plaza


I got a call to go out with Christina Aguilera to do 4 shows in 3 weeks in October, 2008. The shows were in London, Kiev and Abu Dhabi. I would have 3 days off in London, a week off in Kiev and 3 days off in Abu Dhabi along with some law over time in Istanbul. While in Kiev, I explored a few abandonments; one of which turned out to be the old family home of Ivan Sikorsky. It turned out that the nearby bunker I got in to belonged to him as well.


Building 1



Sikorsky Home



Sikorsky Bunker

I found this place in a hill under a playground and apartment house. The doors were welded shut but the metal roof had been pried up a bit by previous explorers or whomever. I stuck my camera up to the bars and took a flash shot to see if it was worth coming back later and I could see an open door with steps leading down. I was hooked. I waited until just before midnight when it was raining pretty hard and slipped in through the top. The bunker turned out to be three levels and huge. I spent a couple of hours in the deafening silence exploring the depths but I know I still missed a lot .