In September of 2000, I went on tour with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and these are the photos. My memory is a bit selective, as my friends can tell you and I can never remember the names of people or places but only the images and feelings of the moment. That's why many of the photos have no real description. They are probably really famous places but I wouldn't know. I just took pictures of what impressed me at the moment. Sorry I can't tell you more about them but that's just the way my mind works. Or doesn't)

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Barry's European Adventure
5 star bathwater.JPG
My 5 star bath water BEFORE I got in
Alley Stairs.JPG
Alley in
View from the hall in
Barry & Lucerne.JPG
Lucerne hilltop view
Barry at Automat.JPG
This automat sold everything from wine to dog food
Barry at Dinner in Lucerne.JPG
Dinner in
Barry at Party,Stockholm.JPG
Swedish ambassador's house
Barry in Lucerne.JPG
Me in
Barry Karl Carl & Marc.JPG
The gang in Frankfurt;Me,Karl Heinz,Carl Wong, Marc Dunkleberg
Billboard in Germany.JPG
I don't know what they were selling but I'll buy
Bremen Relief 2.JPG
Relief in Bremen
Bremen Relief.JPG
Relief in Bremen
Bremen Statue.JPG
Statue in Frankfurt
Building  3.JPG
I like buildings!
Building  4.JPG
I really do like buildings!