Barry On Stuff
On A Lift....JPG
On A Lift...
On A Truss In A Sissy Hat.jpg
On A Truss In A Sissy Hat
On Arch Nashville.jpg
On Arch Nashville
On Chevy Stage Left.jpg
On Chevy Stage Left
On Chevy Stage Right.JPG
On Chevy Stage Right
On Lift Looking At Dallas.JPG
On Lift Looking At Dallas
On Lift Looking Down.JPG
On Lift Looking Down
On Something Else In Nashville.jpg
On Something Else In Nashville
On Tensioner  With Rod.jpg
On Tensioner With Rod
On Tensioner At Gaylord.jpg
On Tensioner At Gaylord
On Thomas Building.jpg
On Thomas Building
On Truss Mary Kay 2005.jpg
On Truss Mary Kay 2005