Parkdale Power Plant

After the rain this morning, I decided to visit the Parkdale Power Plant. It's been decommissioned for many years but still employs a small security detail. Unfortunately, I spotted their car when I was near the top of the cooling tower and decided to jet before they spotted me so I wasn't able to explore the facility as much as I'd have liked. Maybe another time.

Parkdale 042.JPG Parkdale 043.JPG Parkdale 044.JPG Parkdale 046.JPG Parkdale 047.JPG Parkdale 048.JPG
Parkdale 049.JPG Parkdale 050.JPG Parkdale 051.JPG Parkdale 052.JPG Parkdale 053.JPG Parkdale 054.JPG
Parkdale 055.JPG Parkdale 056.JPG Parkdale 057.JPG Parkdale 058.JPG Parkdale 059.JPG Parkdale 060.JPG
Parkdale 061.JPG Parkdale 062.JPG Parkdale 063.JPG Parkdale 064.JPG Parkdale 065.JPG Parkdale 066.JPG
Parkdale 067.JPG Parkdale 068.JPG Parkdale 069.JPG Parkdale 071.JPG Parkdale 072.JPG Parkdale 073.JPG
Parkdale 075.JPG Parkdale 076.JPG Parkdale 077.JPG Parkdale 079.JPG Parkdale 080.JPG Parkdale 081.JPG
Parkdale 082.JPG Parkdale 083.JPG Parkdale 084.JPG Parkdale 085.JPG Parkdale 086.JPG Parkdale 087.JPG
Parkdale 088.JPG Parkdale 089.JPG Parkdale 090.JPG Parkdale 091.JPG Parkdale 094.JPG