In another time and place, lower animals achieved intelligence and cultural development similar to that of our own early human ancestors. These are the re-constructed skeletal remains of some of these long dead creatures we call THE MUTANTS.

The Shaman
The Shaman was almost always a canine of some sort either a dog or, as shown here, a coyote. They were of very high intelligence and, usually very old. Most often, a retired Warrior. The Shaman was much revered within the community and it was taboo to harm him, hence the generally long life. Training of the Shaman began when the young prospects reached puberty and continued until the death of the reigning Shaman. It was believed that, at the moment of his death, the soul of the Shaman, along with those of all of his predecessors, entered the body of the successor. The Shaman was healer, spiritual advisor and, almost invariably, tribal leader.

Height 40"

The Soothsayer
The Soothsayers were always feline. They were the right hand of the Shaman, Who often kept two or three Soothsayers as advisors. They were great and flamboyant orators and, as such, also did duty as clan historians. They could keep the children mesmerized for hours telling long and colorful stories of heroes and villains, tragedy and triumph. The Soothsayer employed a myriad of devices to predict the future. Shown here is a Soothsayer foretelling the future with the aid of a fortune stick, cast bones and a chart of some kind. The only translated symbols refer to the four points of the compass.

The Warior and Wardog


From what we can tell, certain animals were born to become Warriors. Although the actual species was relatively unimportant, certain mental and physical attributes make the Racoyote especially suited in this duty. A hybrid of the common raccoon and the lowland coyote, the Raccoyote was small, fast and agile, with below average intelligence and a propensity toward violent behavior.

Wardogs (or Warrior dogs) were not dogs at all, but low order hybrids of different types. The one pictured here is a mixture of skunk, armadillo, turtle and some unknown flightless bird. Wardogs were kept by warriors as night guards and attack animals in battle. They were also used as beasts of burden and were attributed to be fiercely loyal to only one warrior and had to be destroyed when its master died or was killed in battle. Without a master, the Wardog would randomly attack anyone in its vicinity.

Height 13"

The Guardian


The Guardian is an interesting animal in the fact that it has the ability to fly. This addded to his already formidable capabilities as a successful warrior and hunter. He is the unlikely combination of coyote , deer and predatory bird of undetermined origin and was much feared and revered by all who ever crossed it's path. He would sit perched high above, Gargoyle like, quietly watching and then silently swoop down on would be intruders.

Height 30"


Bobcat Warrior



After the battle, this weary warrior takes his repose using his shield as a stool.

He is shown here with battle axe and bone daggar

Height 20"


(Heights are of sculptures do not include case height.)