Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! was around from about 1987 to 1994 and was a power pop trio consisting of Paul Orr on Bass, Barry Kooda on guitar/vocals and a stream of great drummers.

Most of the recorded material was from our heyday with drummer extraordinaire, Patrick Bentley,
who was not only the best rock drummer I've ever worked with but also a great singer and arranger.
He came up with the transition for "Wait For The Hammer To Fall",
along with other additions too numerous to recall. 

Although I wrote the songs and was front man, Paul kept us all together, musically and literally.
He too made innumerable contributions writing and arranging and was the real heart and soul of the band.
Paul forced me out of retirement and rekindled my interest in playing and writing again.


Barry Kooda


Don't Take Life Too Seriously
South For The Winter
What's A Boy To Do
I'm Havin' Fun
Somebody Help Me
I Believe
Wait For The Hammer To Fall

Get What You Want
Strange Movies

Uncommon Man


Don't Take Life Too Seriously
She's Goin' Down
Sixteen Tons
The Race Is On
I Must Be Strong
Hey You
Strange Movies
Baby Let's Twist
Helter Skelter


Hey You/Helter Skelter
Barry & Jennifer Babbling